BatMod is a Minecraft client designed for players with PvP in mind. It is important for us to make sure BatMod always follows the “rules” on all servers. Therefore we have made sure to not implement any disallowed modifications of any sort. We have taken all the other good ideas from the Minecraft modding community and made it our own.

Ever since the end of 2017, we have worked hard to follow suggestions from our thriving community. At the end of 2018 BatMod finally broke out of IN_DEV and went BETA for anyone to install meaning that we added tons of new features and performance tweaks. BatMod has always been focusing on improving the game performance for all PCs no matter what specifications your PC is running on.

The Discord has always been the main platform for communicating and supporting the community. Thanks to our moderators, we have been able to keep the community friendly and welcoming to newcomers. BatMod always values feedback when it comes to bugs and issues, so we have a dedicated channel on the Discord for these. All players are allowed to post, share bugs and report issues to staff members and even other players. We also have a channel for suggestions and ideas so players can share their opinions and creativity for us to use.