BatMod - The best Minecraft experience

Only custom made mods with OptiFine and ShadersMod
gives you the absolute best PvP environment.



Discover BatMod's features and add-ons which will entirely change your Minecraft experience.


BatMod boosts your FPS, fixes lag, memory leaks and includes a mouse delay fix. Having a bad PC is no longer an excuse!

Customizable HUDs

With our neat HUD editor you can customize them all for your liking (position, size, color, background and more). We have a set of popular used HUDs accessible from the mods list. Like Keystrokes HUD, Potion HUD, Armor HUD and more.

1.7 Animations

BatMod includes a set of toggleable 1.7 Animations for everyone that preffers the old Minecraft animations. Like Blockhit Animation, Eating Animation, Rod Animation and more.

Account Manager

You can securely add an unlimited amount of accounts to the Account Manager directly from BatMod. This way it is much easier to switch in-between your accounts. If your session ever expires, you won't have to restart your game anymore. BatMod will take care of this!


Make sure to customize your character with some cool cosmetics! You can acquire them on our shop page.


BatMod allows you to link your client with Spotify. This way you can easily view what track you are listening to.



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Customize your character

With BatMod, you can customize your character anyway you’d like. We offer various cosmetics in our shop.


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